Ghost Hardware

GHOST HARDWARE reunites online in order to speculate and visualize how in a world where the outside exists through mere utilitarian routines and as footage on screen, we as individuals can travel through the bodiless folds of the mainstream internet, seeking ludic imagination, momentary interaction, new forms of interuser intimacy, where users navigate and make spaces that can exist in the in between of the real and imaginary.

We will build up these wormholes out of apathy, boredom, perversion, or mere illusion. Spaces where time slows down and intends to recreate through resolution and high detail definition a portion of what we may have lost or simply project our wishes and desires into a new ambiguous dimension. Such is not a theme or a game, but a scape. Escaping the fact that the simulation has taken over the outside world.

- Simulacra and Simulation - Jean Baudrillard
- The Theory of Bloom - Tiqqun
     [heavier books]
- The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace - Margaret Wertheim
- Bubbles - Peter Sloterdijk