1) All application is processed by the University of Melbourne, see the Fees section below.
2) Once you complete enrolment at the University of Melbourne, you are registered for the program and will receive an email from the program coordinator. If the subject is over quota, we will inform you of the outcome in June.
3) The deadline for applications is 6th June 2021. The closing date for CAP or cross-institution program is 6th June 2021. For non-University of Melbourne students, we encourage you to apply early and contact the program coordinator for information.
4) All participants traveling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required and are advised to contact their home embassy early.


The AA Visiting School requires a fee of £860 per participant, which includes a £60 Visiting membership fee. This fee is not inclusive of registration costs and additional fees related to assessed credits from the host institution, The University of Melbourne.
1) For University of Melbourne students, please enrol directly via the university portal.
2) For Non-Australian University enrolled students contact the AAVS Melbourne Programme Head via for further information regarding the (CAP) Community Access Program and how you may choose to study in either assessed or non-assessed mode.
For non-Australian University enrolled students:
For Australian University enrolled student (but not University of Melbourne student):
3) Enrolment for University of Melbourne (UoM), Non-University of Melbourne, and Non-Australian University enrolled applicants will need the following subject codes to complete the application:
· ABPL30063 _ AA Visiting School Undergraduate
· ABPL90386 _ AA Visiting School Post Graduate
4) Once you are enrolled with UoM, the Programme Head or local Coordinator will be in touch regarding online registration with the AA School.

Students need their own laptops, digital equipment and model making tools.