“Weaving yesterday’s traditions in tomorrow’s aspirations.”

Toi T
Digital Knitting





  • Ariadna Barthe
  • Antoine Vaxelaire

Building Virtual Traditions

We live in a complex world; and while many try to simplify it, our unit will embrace its complexities, build upon them and construct an alternative virtually built environment.

Architectural culture is by essence the weaving of many disciplines; whatever the scale we work at, the architectures we build are the sum of many inputs, always coming from a wide range of practices.

Essentially our built environments function like carpets: the slow and complex weaving of very diverse elements. The course proposes to push the carpet analogy to an extreme, to dramatically increase the variety, the volume and the velocity (3V theory) at which our built environment assembled.

Since the turn of the century we have been faced with some of the most important issues our societies ever confronted; climate change, inequalities, gender discrimination, economic crisis, housing shortage, poverty, privacy, and many more. There is no easy answer to such problematics, but architects do have a role to play as most of these issues have direct spatial implications.